किसी भी तरह के जोड़ो के दर्द से छुटकारा पायें । Get Relief from Joint Pain | Health & Nutrition

किसी भी तरह के जोड़ो के दर्द से छुटकारा पायें ।  Get Relief from Joint Pain | Health & Nutrition

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In this video, Mrs. Priyanka is discussing the joint Pain Relief.Always eat a plants based wholesome food items and avoid all kind of junk and processed food. eat calcium and omega-3 rich diet. To know more about this watch our video
किसी भी तरह के जोड़ो के दर्द से छुटकारा पायें । Get Relief from Joint Pain | Health & Nutrition

About Nutritionist – Mrs. Priyanka is a Professional nutritionist, having great expertise in the area of diet based nutrition. Over the years, she has transformed the lives of many individuals by helping them in reversing one or more chronic diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Anxiety disorder, etc.
Her past work experience is glorified because of the successful transformations of many people who were earlier tagged in the societal stigmatized words like “fatty”, “obese”, and “odd one out” and moreover were humiliated for their appearance too.
Her mantra is to focus on correcting unhealthy diet and lifestyle, which are the root cause of all disease. When we change them, our frequency of getting ill will reduce drastically and we can reverse chronic illnesses as well will go away.
Her forte is to create custom-made diet plans for individuals that can fulfill the body’s requirement of different types of nutrients like Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber, antioxidants, etc. This custom diet plan helps in our body to fight with different sorts of toxins we are exposed to in our environment and boosts our immunity.
Her healthy food-based nutrition theory also aims to remove many myths about food, some of which long-held beliefs and some are propagated by self-serving lobbyists of food, drug or health care industries.
Her goal is to inspire people to move towards healthy food choices and healthy lifestyle, to have a fulfilling life. A healthy body provides a lot of freedom and energy to pursue life’s goals with much more vigor.

About Chanel – Health & Nutrition is a health education channel, to inspire people to take charge of their health. Our aim is to make people aware of what they are eating and what effect it has on our physical and mental health. We focus on providing holistic knowledge of health and its direct relation to our food choices and lifestyle we lead.
In our modern lifestyle, every other individual is having a chronic disease like Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Indigestion, Insomnia, Thyroid, etc. Though Medical science is well-equipped to manage these conditions, it can not reverse them. Doctors prescribe regular medicines to be taken daily life-long, which is not an ideal scenario, and it also invites other diseases which can be fatal. So, instead of managing these chronic diseases, our focus should be on completely reversing and curing them.
The human body has a self healing mechanism, and with the right diet, it can cure itself, and this is what we focus upon. Through medicines, we can manage our health problems, but we should focus on curing our health issues of its roots so that we can lead a fulfilling and fit life.
We provide easy to follow healthy food guidelines, which can fulfill the nutrition requirements of the human body and can start its natural detoxification process which gets stopped due to unhealthy food habits and lifestyle.
By following our healthy lifestyle and by making minor changes in food habits, you can develop immunity to all sorts of illnesses and can reverse chronic diseases. Enhanced immunity will help in fighting toxins that are ever-present in our environment. This lifestyle will improve your fitness and energy levels, which will increase your focus and productivity.
Let us join hands, educate and inspire each other, our dear ones to take charge of their life to live a healthy and long life.