25 Minute Prenatal Yoga Flow – First Trimester

25 Minute Prenatal Yoga Flow – First Trimester

First Trimester Yoga Sequence

Hi mums to be! Congratulations! What an exciting (and nervous) time the first trimester is.

If you are new to yoga, welcome! If you already have a regular practice, welcome!

How are you feeling? You might be noticing that you are feeling different (very different) at the moment. Some days I’m sure just rolling out your mat for Savasana will feel like a huge effort, and on days when you have a little more energy, a steady gentle practice will feel great, and more than enough to get some movement into your changing body and help you cope with all the changes happening on the inside.

Yoga is going to be beneficial through all stages of pregnancy, however during the first trimester, with so many new changes going on in your body, a gentle, nourishing practice, focusing on hip openers, long relaxation and a focus on slow steady breathing will support your body best.

Feeling completely exhausted is very common so go easy on yourself if you are feeling overly tired, even if you feel like you haven’t done anything! You are growing a human! That takes a lot of energy. Rest when you need to and be mindful to not push yourself physically. Listen to your body and focus more on breathing techniques on days when you feel too exhausted to practice physically. Be gentle with yourself, there will be plenty of time for movement in the second trimester.

The aim of a yoga practice during the first trimester is to –

Ease lower back pain
Increase flexibility in hips
Strengthening Pelvic Floor Muscles
Balance moods
Restore energy
Strengthen leg muscles
Support mother with internal and external changes
Build her self-esteem about her changing body


During the first trimester a lot of softening occurring in your joints, so you may find you are way more flexible than before. Be mindfully of how deep you are stretching as joints are at greater risk of dislocation during this time. Stay with a level of flexibility that you are used to and slowly explore deeper stretching, balanced with strength, over the period of your pregnancy.

Most importantly- we are all different! Move slowly and do what feels right to you. Pay attention to how your body feels in each pose and trust your instincts and intuition.


(I filmed this sequence at 12 weeks pregnant)

All clear from health care provider
Complications during pregnancy like high blood pressure, heart disease, a low lying placenta, multiple miscarriages or pre-existing medical conditions may make it unsafe for a physical yoga practice.
Always check with your health care provider to get the all clear for yoga. In some cases the doctor may recommend bed rest for a period of time and this advice needs to be respected.
If you have never practiced yoga before, I would highly recommend attending prenatal yoga classes with a qualified prenatal yoga teacher and use these videos as an added home practice. This is a very important and special time and the support, guidance and knowledge that a teacher in a class setting can offer will be invaluable to you during this wonderful time.