3 Best Sciatica Exercises for INSTANT Pain Relief

3 Best Sciatica Exercises for INSTANT Pain Relief

If you’re suffering from sciatic nerve pain in your back, buttock region and/or leg these pain relief exercises for sciatica will help you treat your sciatic pain symptoms at home. Feel free to use this follow-along routine to stop your sciatica pain.

As always, take it gently with these sciatic nerve stretches, and lower back exercises. If you feel your symptoms getting worse, be sure to seek medical advice.





How can I treat sciatica at home?

This sciatica pain relief routine includes three of the best exercises and stretches for sciatica that you can do almost anywhere with no equipment.

0:45 – Cat-Cow Stretch for Back Pain

This simple exercise involves you moving gently from the cat posture to the cow posture while on your hands and knees. This gentle extension and flexion of the lumbar spine will help you warm-up your lower back before we move on to more intense exercises for sciatica. Take your time with the cat-cow exercise, and don’t force yourself into extremes of movement. If you’re currently experiencing a sciatica flare-up, you might find that moving through even this gentle range of movement might be uncomfortable. Feel free to move through the discomfort, as long as it doesn’t further irritate your sciatic pain or make your symptoms worse.

2:49 – Cobra Stretch & McKenzie Press-Up

If your sciatica is caused by a lumbar disc bulge or prolapse, or disc degeneration creating irritation on the lumbar nerve roots, you will most likely find that your lower back and sciatic pain is eased by exercises that promote extension.

To begin with, take a position face-down on the ground, and rest your forearms on the floor in front of you, as if in a forearm plank position. However, in this exercise, you need to keep your hips and pelvis on the ground and focus on extending your lower back as you push against the ground with your forearms. Maintain this Cobra stretch position for a few minutes as a warm-up to the next exercise, the McKenzie Press-Ups.

As a progression to the cobra stretch for lower back pain, we can begin adding movement. McKenzie Press-Ups are great for further pushing your lumbar spine into extension. Keep your shoulders as relaxed as you can, in a “back and down” position, as the common mistake with this exercise is to allow the shoulders to elevate. In my experience with sciatica, this combination of cobra stretch and McKenzie Press-Ups is the best way to stop a sciatica flare-up.

6:21 – Sciatic Nerve Stretches / Neural Flossing

This is one of the best exercises for sciatica. This particular exercise focuses on sciatic nerve mobility, or “neural dynamics”, essentially the sciatic nerve’s ability to move un-impeded alongside the other adjacent tissues. This neural flossing exercise (also known as a slump exercise) will gently encourage the proper movement of your sciatic nerve. When there is impingement of the sciatic nerve or there’s a build-up of scar tissue, the sciatic nerve can be affected, and typical sciatic symptoms will often present themselves in the lower back, buttock region and down into your legs.

As long as you take it gently, there’s no reason why a little light exercise will help you ease your sciatica pain.

I hope you find this video helpful. You now know what you can do to help yourself treat your own sciatic pain!

Best of luck with your rehab 🙂



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