8 Essential Health Benefits of Sea Salt

8 Essential Health Benefits of Sea Salt

Sea salt is salt that is produced by evaporating ocean water or saltwater from lakes. It contains traces of some essential minerals, depending on which area it has been produced from, which gives it a distinct taste and color.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Sea Salt?

1. Exfoliate & Detox.
The coarse granular texture of sea salt makes it perfect to be used as an exfoliant. Gently rubbing your skin with sea salt helps remove dead skin cells, improves blood circulation, and promotes skin rejuvenation. And it leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth.

2. Anti-Dandruff Scalp Treatment.
Salt helps loosen and remove existing flakes while stimulating circulation for a healthy scalp. The ingredient also absorbs excess oil and moisture to prevent fungal growth and inhibit the root of dandruff.

3. Teeth Whitener.
Salt and baking soda are both gentle abrasives that will help remove stains and brighten teeth. Salt also contains a natural source of fluoride, which is a bonus for your teeth and gums.

4. Relieves Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Sea salt has been found to possess anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis. A study conducted in Israel compared the effects of Dead Sea bath salts and regular salt on patients with rheumatoid arthritis. They found that the group that received sea salt bath experienced a higher therapeutic relief in terms of stiffness, walking, handgrip, and joint pains as compared to the control group.

5. Maintain The pH Balance Of Your Body.
The magnesium found in Celtic and Himalayan sea salts is a godsend when it comes to maintaining the pH balance in your body. Consume a bittern of Celtic sea salt or a liquid mixture of magnesium chloride and sea salt to reduce excessive acidity in your blood.

6. Relaxes Aching Feet.
Give your aching feet some sweet relief by soaking them in a sea salt bath. Add some sea salt to a tub of warm water along with a few drops of lavender, rosemary, and peppermint essential oils to stimulate circulation, soften the calluses, and reduce the soreness in your feet.

7. Fights Depression.
Some people believe that sea salt can help treat symptoms of depression as it helps regulate two hormones in the body – serotonin and melatonin. These hormones help you relax and have a more restful sleep. However, there is no conclusive evidence that sea salt has any direct effect on the production or regulation of these hormones.

8. Treats Asthma.
Sea salt has long been known to reduce inflammation and help treat asthma. In fact, it is believed that sprinkling a pinch of sea salt on your tongue after drinking a glass of water is just as effective as using an inhaler. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

Who knew that just a little sprinkle of sea salt could offer you a world of health benefits?

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