Biohacking Birth, Babies, & Homeschooling Kids w/ Wellness Mama AKA Katie Wells #221

Biohacking Birth, Babies, & Homeschooling Kids w/ Wellness Mama AKA Katie Wells #221

Katie Wells, CTNC, MCHC, has been answering my questions about health and wellness, via Google, for years now – so I’m pumped to have her on the show to ask some of these questions in person!

Katie, AKA Wellness Mama, is a top thought leader for a young generation of moms who want to avoid the rampant health issues currently plaguing our youth.

However, when Katie began her journey, she was just a young mom-to-be who wanted some answers about her own health challenges, which were really kicked into overdrive when she was pregnant with her first child. It was then that she stumbled onto this startling statistic:

For the first time in history, this generation of children is expected to have shorter lifespans than their parents.

This was Katie’s “hold my beer” moment. So, she put on her journalist hat and started researching – although she used more than Google – and then she started sharing what she learned with others through a blog and podcast. 12 years later, Wellness Mama is still putting out some of the most informative and best-researched content in the health and wellness industry, and they’ve attracted a passionate community of other like-minded people who want to defy expectations and build a better future for the next generation.

This is the kind of stuff that really matters for our collective future, so I’m definitely hopping on the Wellness Mama train. What about you?

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

A generation of children is expected to have shorter lifespans than their parents, for the first time in history Dealing with Hashimoto’s, which is not a sushi restaurant but an autoimmune disease Growing from a blog into an empire How moms can shape the future of the United States and society as a whole Bringing six children into the world & raising them all to be conscious humans What you need to know about birth control A great relationship hack Why more women are suffering from abnormal and painful cycles & what you can do about it What foods you will want to stay away from and eat more of if you are planning to have children or pregnant Bucking the mainstream Western method of birth for more natural births with fewer interventions Dos and don’ts for raising a healthy baby How Katie creates a homeschool designed to stimulate creativity, critical thought, and natural development Finding the time to homeschool as a working mom Raising six kids that aren’t annoying in airports, somehow

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