Defies Medical Definition. Relax & Cracks Chiropractic ASMR.

Defies Medical Definition. Relax & Cracks Chiropractic ASMR.

Location: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

This Channel Contains:

~ 6 Complete Seasons (start from the beginning and you’ll get it)
~ Condenser Microphone Captured Cracks & Crunches
~ Quiet Face Paper
~ Quiet Office (no phones or background noise)
~ Mindfully placed ads for relaxers
~ Engaging patient storytelling


Except for this time, it wasn’t the early kundalini yoga and meditation practice guiding me into the auric halo of the purple-blue skydome.

It was the sacred call of fire, drum, and dance.

The campground was packed solid with 1000’s of free-spirited festival friends. Passed out from the dancing, communing and medicines, everyone seemed to be asleep except for me… almost everyone.

Walking back to the tent after an epic late-night bonfire and pow wow, the rhythm and base medicine created organically by hundreds of hands working together was still vibrating at my core.

I slapped my djembe for hours. And I danced the sacred tribal dance around the fire. I was tired and ready for bed. Headed for my tent…

Then from the shadows, someone said…

“Hey brother, can we borrow your drum for a moment?”

There’s no reason to be cautious at this particular festy.

Here… everyone is family.

“Absolutely, you can.”

Pointing a low level LED focal beam at the ground, I slowly approached the tent palace. I greeted my new friends as I stood the drum up next to the asking voice. I didn’t even consider why they needed a drum at such an hour. Then a bag of medicine spilled its contents onto the goatskin.

I don’t partake in this particular ceremony. But I hold space for the work.

Walking into a group of people I’ve never met is not difficult for me. I kept the conversation going and enlivened their fire from a smoldering char, all while paying attention to the rhythmic cascades of the breath as I told them stories from the evening’s epic drum circle.

Their setup was at the top of the hill that overlooks the campground field, snuggled in between 2 descending tree-lined mountain ridges. The constellations were fading into the auric halo of the deep purple-blue skydome.

A young man at their camp began to play the mandolin peacefully into the ether and I softly tapped my drum and whistled in harmony to his morning lullaby.

That’s when I met Lauren.

She emerged from her tent after a full night sleep, like a responsible festival-goer and merchant. Her business is custom tie-dye threads. Check her out on IG @hippiestains. She’s a damn good artist.

It doesn’t take long for the universe to show us why we are here.

In this, or any context.

Just pay attention. Follow your breath. Receive.

I’m analyzing gait, posture, energy. Always. And within a few moments, we’re talking about her spine. She asks if I’m familiar with Ankylosing Spondylitis. It just so happens I am, very.

Our radiology professor drilled it into our heads that this disease “is in your backyard” and that we would likely be the first to tell young adults they have it.

And my late mentor, Dr. Jim Wharton comes from a family of men who had this axial spondyloarthritis also known as Bekhterev’s disease.

Jim, his brother and father all had classic AS symptoms. Male, early adult-onset of morning low back pain, SEVERE postural deformity. The classic “Hunchback” look.

Lauren, on the other hand, does not fit the description.

But diseases don’t read textbooks on what they are supposed to look like.

AS usually starts with stiffness in the low back that eventually moves up the spine. On X-ray observation, you can see the outer fibers of the vertebral disc, normally a soft and flexible tissue…


a.k.a. Ossification.

This fuses the spine and permanently deforms a person’s posture.

It seemed like a miracle that Dr. Jim was still practicing chiropractic into his 60’s. And giving a great adjustment at that. Then again, he was a true master. He adjusted spines with a feather touch. But his gaze was like a freshly sharpened ax that split your bag of flesh in half… exposing your soul to his medicine.

Lauren’s symptoms seem to fall heavily in her extremities. Swollen knee. Shoulder pain. Deformed toes. I’m not exactly sure why they diagnosed her with AS and not rheumatoid arthritis. She has a family history of RA. Her Rx is an RA medicine.


But I guess that’s why they call it “practice” as she recalls her uncle saying

In this case, we have to consider advanced Lyme disease testing

And if that’s clean, I’ll call this rheumatoid arthritis

Don’t tell her M.D.

We’ll start with herbs and mushrooms that support the immune system and lessen the severity of her symptoms.

And of course, without a doubt, enhance her body’s stability and balance, remove joint restrictions, train her posture, and effectively decrease the pain in her body…

with the very best chiropractic medicine that I can administer.


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