DrunkenRaisins | How to make Gin-Soaked Raisins, Gin & Raisins for Arthritis

DrunkenRaisins | How to make Gin-Soaked Raisins, Gin & Raisins for Arthritis

If you’re looking for gin & raisins for arthritis, check out DrunkenRaisins.com, a website that sells gin-soaked raisins at a reasonable price. In fact, DrunkenRaisins.com is the only site that sells gin-soaked raisins. How are gin and raisins for arthritis? Give them a try! Mention “martinotv” with your first order to save $6.00 when you order from

Who is DrunkenRaisins?

About (we’re BIG on “about”) 75 years ago the British, Irish and Scots took advantage of black outs or early setting sun and were thus driven to soaking almost anything in booze. Lo and behold they discovered soaking golden raisins in gin provided pain relief even when eating less than a dozen at a time. Over the years this home remedy for pain relief grew in popularity and the word spread throughout the world. Then, sadly, modern, very expensive medicine became the new symbol of healthy living (oxymoron). WELL…the gin soaked raisin is back and better than ever. Having joined the ranks of the DrunkenRaisin the gin soaked raisin has been improved with special honey and imported cinnamon enhancing both the flavor and effective ingredients for pain relief. 80% of those who eat gin soaked raisins enjoy pain relief as demonstrated by the many testimonials found on our links to other sites.

After hearing about anti-inflammatory values of the gin-soaked raisin our founder, Larry Wright, who had arthritis in both of his hands, started eating them himself. They worked for him and he found others who had eaten them and also had great results. He was making them for his friends and was curious as to why they couldn’t just go out and buy them. Consequently he had Toby help to develop a logo, Molly have it federally registered then got a domain site on his own. To create his unique blend he selected special both honey and cinnamon added to enhance the anti-inflammatory value and significantly improve their flavor so that everyone could enjoy them.

The DrunkenRaisins became popular with some friends as an after dinner treat since they went so well with wine, port and other after dinner drinks. Finally the decision was made to package and sell them to others which has lead to the development of this website by a youthful team of knowledge-based pros who are enthused about the product and its future.

Our team is working hard to make DrunkenRaisins a popular product in the marketplace. We hope you will try them and join us in our enthusiasm.