Exercise during pregnancy for normal delivery – Dr. Rashmi Chaudhary

Exercise during pregnancy for normal delivery  – Dr. Rashmi Chaudhary

Exercises have always been recommended during pregnancy unless and until it is specified by your obstetrician. On an average, a women should exercise for half an hour moderately either in the form of swimming, walking, yoga and some Lamaze classes she can attend, the pregnant women are often worried about the effect of the exercise on the pregnancy especially the first trimester. They have a fear that it can cause miscarriages or it can push them towards a preterm labor. But that is actually not a fact. By several studies it has been proven that it relieves you from backache, your leg cramp, body cramps it improves your stamina, your lung capacity and it is very helpful in the normal delivery process. It strengthens your cardiovascular system and also strengthens your muscles so that chances of normal delivery are quite high and it also reduces the incidence of forceps delivery. By several studies it is proven and several datas it shows that a women exercising daily, moderately, it shortness the duration, the active stage of labor, exercise builds your stamina, it alleviates your stress, as well as it protects you from excessive weight gain and it reduces the incidence of gestational diabetes. All these are favourable factor for normal delivery. Doing regular exercise causes the release of relaxin hormone and these hormone causes the loosening of the ligaments and joints and it favours the normal delivery process. The only precautions you should take care is that you should not be exercising on your back in the 2nd and the 3rd trimester of pregnancy you should not hold your breath, you should wear lose clothes and you should take care of your hydrations that you should be drinking lots of fluids. Dehydrations shouldn’t happen.


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