Fighter Oleg Taktarov praised UFC-249 and voiced their own opinions regarding the defeat Ferguson

Russia’s first UFC champion Oleg Taktarov dismantled on May 9, the tournament, the main battle is met Getzhi and Ferguson. In addition to analyzing the main fight, the athlete praised the organization of the event, which was a real event during the quarantine.

 MMA fighter Taktarov speculate about the importance of the tournament and the key points of the main battlefield

 May 9 held a UFC-249 tournament. In the main event we met Tony Ferguson and replaced Habib Nurmagomedova Justin Getzhi. The latter managed to win ahead of the opponent. Also on the undercard it has passed some interesting fights, which aroused great interest among the audience.

 Despite the fact that the tournament was held without an audience, broadcast a series of battles was a real breath of fresh air for sitting at home in quarantine fans of mixed martial arts. Fighter Oleg Taktarov noted that the lack of public support could adversely affect the loser Ferguson, however, was right in the modern realities of the decision to hold the match.

 Russian athlete said that believed in the project Dana White, who still faced with many challenges on the way to conduct the fight. Taktarov assess the ability of the head of UFC to pursue the case and organize event of such a level in a pandemic.

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 Taktarov and spoke about the defeat of Tony Ferguson. Note that initially an American had to fight lightweight champion Habib Nurmagomedov. But Dagestan refused to participate in the tournament because of the quarantine, and was replaced by Justin Getzhi. Trying to organize a fight Habib and Tony on the UFC-249 was the fifth tournament to Dana White.

 Sixth such an attempt, apparently, did not take place because it is right on Tony lost. The idea is that the next opponent would be Getzhi Habib, who now owns the world time zone UFC lightweight champion.

 Whatever happened is in the past. Heads up Tony, I hope everything is good with you and your family. When your son grow up, he’ll be proud with you. @TonyFergusonXT

 – khabib nurmagomedov (@TeamKhabib) May 10, 2020

 It is interesting that Oleg Taktarov before the fight on May 9 said that little faith in the implementation of the fight Habib and Tony. In light of recent events the first Russian champion sure to bring Americans Dagestani now virtually impossible. An important role is played here and the age of Ferguson (him 36 years), which directly affects the physical abilities of the athlete.

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 As for the main fight of the tournament May 9, Oleg Taktarov believes Ferguson should move to a more standard and “boring” technique, is less than experimenting. The fight against it Getzhi, according Taktarov, missed “everything” that led to the referee stopping the fight.

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 A heartbreaker for El Cucuy. # UFC249

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 May 9, 2020 at 10:24 PDT

 Russian athlete said that Getzhi – with the character, but it is quite predictable. This will not be enough to win over Habib. In the battle against Tony Justin he showed himself more reliable and trained due to this and seemed to get stronger.

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