Gluteus Maximus Pain – 2 Ways to Relieve Glute Max Soreness

Gluteus Maximus Pain – 2 Ways to Relieve Glute Max Soreness

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Do you have gluteus maximus pain? Have you in the past? Whether you have acute pain or nagging chronic pain, this is something you need to take control of as soon as possible. Strength Coach Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS shows you TWO very effective ways to relieve those sore, painful glute muscles that may be causing sciatic nerve pain among other chronic conditions.

The gluteus maximus extends the hip and allows our legs to rotate inward and outward which is essential for all lower body movement.

When you walk forward and stand up tall, that’s hip extension. When you step up stairs and straighten out, that’s hip extension. When you turn to the right, that’s external hip rotation and when you turn back in to go to the left, that’s internal hip rotation.

Walking, running, jogging or any kind of athletic movement would be impossible without functioning glute muscles.

Many people training their glutes or butt are constantly doing squats, lunges and a ton of other “leg” exercises that are of course great exercises to do but aren’t necessarily the best at hitting weak, flat glute muscles.

Here is a video that shows you how to ISOLATE the glutes:

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