Hallux Rigidus Big Toe Joint Pain [Treatment & Surgery 2020!]

Hallux Rigidus Big Toe Joint Pain [Treatment & Surgery 2020!]

Hallux rigidus surgery can be a really good treatment option, but in most cases surgery is not needed. Therer are other hallux rigidus treatments and hallux rigidus exercises that can prevent the need for surgery.

Most people usually nevere end up needing surgery. Hallux rigidus is a very common problem that eventually can occur in most people that are on their feet all day. There are definitely a few things you can do to prevent it from getting this bad. These options include specific orthotics and inserts. Great shoes are a must!

The best hallux rigidus, stiff big toe and turf toe Inserts (
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Hallux rigidus surgery options include a cheilectomy, 1st MTPJ fusion and an implant. Take care of your big toe joint arthritis with these big toe joint arthritis treatments.
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