Healing Back Pain with One Simple Qigong practice!

Healing Back Pain with One Simple Qigong practice!

In this video David J. Coon

David J. Coon is the author of Qigong for Beginners: Your Path to Greater Health and Vitality

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gives a little talk on the importance of the breath in conjunction with back pain. He discusses some interesting science behind the breath, the organs, the body and the back.

David tells his own story of overcoming immense back pain using the breath as a primary healing agent.

For more in depth Medical Qigong training and Qigong Instructor Certification as well as 30 CEU’s for Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists check out our Online Courses. And for lay people looking to make a lifestyle change and heal their back and reduce inflammation throughout their body you too may be interested in our online Qigong and Medical Qigong courses.

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What is Qigong?
Traditionally Qigong is referred to as the skilled cultivation of universal life force. Quantum physics is arising and from that rising we are realizing that we are what the physicists call the observer, the consciousness of life that observes life. We are realizing through our western science and our experiments that we, have the power to influence anything we observe with our intention and our energy.
For over five thousand years Masters of Qigong have done their own experimentation and have embodied much of what we like to talk about in the west. They have demonstrated feats of the seemingly impossible. Whether it is Shaolin Monks bending a metal sword against their throats without injury or a group of Medical Qigong Doctors in China who dissolve a cancer tumor in a patient within three seconds, without the least physical touch: these are stories that point to a great power, that we have the ability, to access.

I personally used Qigong and Medical Qigong practices to heal my back of a severe spinal disease that my physicians told me would cripple me by the time I was thirty years old. In my early twenties I used Medical Qigong practices to dissolve what my physicians called a biological panic disorder. I used Medical Qigong to heal my hand after having broken it in three places following a Martial Arts Demo gone bad. I healed my hand in half the time it takes to heal broken bones.
In these Qigong classes I teach people to take charge of their lives, heal themselves, better themselves and the lives of others.
“David Coon has clearly developed a deep mastery of Qigong on a variety of levels during his many years of study and training. David has a true talent for transmitting the essence of Qigong through a mixture of theory, practical examples, anecdotes, guided exercises, and simply through his presence. David has the ability to intuit how best to lead a class based on the collective energy of those in the room. David provides the student with opportunities to embark on a journey of self discovery that brings us deeper into ourselves and to better connect us with our surroundings.”

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