Home Remedies – Bone and Joint Pain, Arthritis, gout | Mane maddu for joint pain

Home Remedies  – Bone and Joint Pain, Arthritis, gout | Mane maddu for joint pain

Home remedy for bone and Joint pain, gout, arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis:
Home remedies are traditional cures for minor ailments using the ingredients easily and readily available spices or vegetables at home. These home remedies typically are passed from generation to generation. Home remedies are becoming popular because it is natural, inexpensive, no side effects, and no chemicals.
Each ailment has many different remedies, one remedy which helped one person may not help the other due to the body prakruthi. Try single remedy for 2 to 3 days and if it is not working for you try another remedy for the same ailment. Pregnant women should consult your physician before you take any home remedies
These joint pains are usually due to the inflammation and infection. Along with this home remedy you should avoid eating junk foods, fast foods and oily foods. Eat more vegetables, whole grains and greens. Do some simple exercise to increase the blood flow and mobility. Expose to sunlight at least 15 to 20 minutes a day, it is very important , soaking in sunlight helps the the body to synthesize its needs.
This joint pain remedy is very simple and effective.
20 to 25 neem leaves
1 tsp papaya seeds
2 cups of water
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