Indian Girl Whole Body Chiropractic for Lower Back Pain by CLM Parvinder Jabbal

Indian Girl Whole Body Chiropractic for Lower Back Pain by CLM Parvinder Jabbal

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CLM (Chris Leong Method) is a bone setting therapy provider that dispenses treatment for bones and joints related ailments. This therapy is called ‘Tit Tar’ .
Tit Tar is a healing system by treating the bones, joints and muscles for misalignment. Today, it is utilized to heal body traumas caused by everyday physical exertions, accidents or sports activities. Tit Tar utilizes the arts of acupressure, which is an ancient science that deals with the flow of Qi or natural energy. Tit Tar stems from an ancient idea that any ache or pain stems from the disruption in the natural alignment and state of the bone, joint or muscle.
some of the common conditions that we specialize in:
back pain
slip disc
injuries from sports
stiff/sore neck
scoliosis (if you are younger than 21 and curve is 40 degrees or lesser)
dislocated joints
postural correction
carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist problem)
trigger finger
collarbone fracture
long short legs (due to misalignment of the pelvic bone)
heel spur
jaw misalignment

Master Chris Leong Apprentices.

With the Healing hands of CLM Team to the world, started journey.
The greatest Chiropractic Adjustment with CL Method, in India, Pakistan, France & Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Hong Kong, Philippines and in Canada.
If you are in The Following Countries, you can Contact Them Through Given Contact Numbers:

1)- SOUTH INDIA: Vijay Rathor in Kerala
Address: In Kerala, Dist. Kollam, punalur, Apex physiotherapy center
Mobile & Whatsapp: +919605929181
2)NORTH INDIA: Pavinder Jabbal in Panipat
Address: India Delhi
Mobile & Whatsapp: +919896910091
3)PAKISTAN: Rizwan Hameed
Address: Iqbal town Lahore, Pakistan.
Mobile & Whatsapp: +923214505306
4) CANADA: Mike Phan
Mobile & Whatsapp: +1 4168809509
Vaughan, Ontario Canada
5)ROMANIA: lonut Bobit
Nicolae Titulescu nr. 2 Brassó, Brasov, Romania
Mobile & Whatsapp: +40 724 903 898
6)France & Portugal: Gerardo Cancio
45 bv Charles de Gaulle Sannois
Mobile & Whatsapp: +33 6 15 66 23 28
7) Turkey : Gencehan Karakas
Address: Istanbul Turkey
Mobile & Whatsapp: +905457234702
8) Hong Kong : Kevin Chan CLM HK Healthcare Centre
Address: Unit 4104, 41/F, Metroplaza Tower 2, No 223 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Fong, New Territories, Hong Kong
Mobile & Whatsapp: +852 3460 4573
9) Philippines , Filipino Bone Setters
Address: 1786 A Kamatoy St, Santa Cruz, 4009 Laguna, Philippines
Mobile & Whatsapp: +63 917 152 4299

CLM Team won’t be able to treat Following:
scoliosis more than 40 degrees
bone fracture more than 2 months
birth defects (such as cerebral palsy, autism, etc)
hearing/listening problem
parkinson’s disease