Inflammation – Foods That Fight Inflammation

Inflammation – Foods That Fight Inflammation

Foods That Fight Inflammation.

In environment that everything is processed, Food that needs to produce fast, due to overflowing demands.

Natural is next to impossible, due to preservatives and chemicals added to our food, which is sometimes labelled as natural, but actually GMO.

Simplicity of food can only be found in rural areas, where they have good agriculture.

Places that community can preserve their natural resources.

But still, we are lucky to have few concern farmers, that promotes organic labelled food in the market.

Actually, there’s still food which is close to their natural state.

Although no studies are proven to treat inflammations such as psoriatic and rheumatoid arthritis, or other conditions that are connected to inflammations, we need to consider in choosing foods that will fight it.

These are some of the Food that we need to consume to help fight this conditions.

1. Food with High Level of Vitamin C and Lycopene.
Citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit and papaya are rich in these vitamins. Water melon, canned or fresh tomatoes are good source of lycopene.

2. Avoid White Starch and Go for Whole Grain.
Many people love to eat rice and other refined starches, which are not a good help.To keep inflammation at bay, choose whole grain food like wheat.

3.Try to Add Spice to your food. It might not be prefer by others, capsacin is a friend. Paprika, cayenne and other family of chili peppers are good to treat inflammation. It is rich in lycopene and vitamins as well. #3. Avoid Sugar. Sugary foods are cause of some illnesses that are threat to humanity. And one of that is inflammations.
Anything that are consumed in large volume is bad. So we need to avoid those.

4.Eat Lean Proteins.
Most of the time, instead of lean or in natural state protein are substituted to processed meat, which make it bad for health in general.
Process meat consist of saturated fats and other preservatives, that make it harmful to consume,if it can’t be avoided, then better lessen it.

5. Good News, Eat your Chocolates!!!
Dark or unsweetened chocolates may help to avoid inflammation, because of flavonoids presents on them.

6. Eggs
Eggs are also high in the pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acid arachidonic acid. It is a good source of protein with low in bad cholesterol. #7. Eat your fibers. Fibers have many forms. We can get it from leafy vegetables, some fruits and some protein rich foods such as beans and lentils. Collards, spinach and kales are good too.
Natural food not only make us healthy, it will help us as to be well and avoid inflammations.

So better be natural!!!

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