Joint Pain – The Menopause Minutes

Joint Pain – The Menopause Minutes

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Welcome to the next espisode of Liv’s Menopause Minutes. Today we are discussing joint pain.

Aches, stiffness and swelling around the joint and sometimes heat are common symptoms of menopausal joint pain. The primary female hormone, estrogen, protects joints and reduces inflammation, but when estrogen levels drop during menopause, inflammation can increase, the risk of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis can go up and the result can be painful joints.

Unlike many signs of menopause, joint pain may not diminish when hormones level out after menopause, so it’s important to make good lifestyle choices now and stick with them.

So how can we reduce the pain?
Maintain a healthy weight.
Perform low-impact exercises such as swimming, yoga, and biking.
Use resistance training to strengthen the muscle around the joint
Eat a balanced diet that includes nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D ( lots of green leafy veg!)
Reduce or stop smoking
Reduce alcohol
Drink more water
Reduce high fat and processed foods
Speak to your doctors about anti-inflammatory medications once you have tried the above!

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