Kingwood Chiropractor Shows Chiropractic Adjustment On Patient With Cervical Fusion…NO WAY!!

Kingwood Chiropractor Shows Chiropractic Adjustment On Patient With Cervical Fusion…NO WAY!! Dr. Tyler Hamel often works on new patients that have already had cervical fusion for neck pain or lumbar fusion for back pain. There is always a concern or a fear of the patient with a fusion on whether chiropractic care is safe or right for them.

Chiropractic adjustments help release pressure and stress in the spine. As a side benefit releasing pressure of the spine also alleviate pressure on the nerves and causes the muscles in the are of the neck or back to relax.

There are two types of spinal realignments, manual adjusting and instrument adjusting. With manual adjusting often times a the spinal release causes a “cracking” or “popping sound”; it’s just pressure being released from the area. With instrument adjusting you don’t hear any sound but the patient can feel the relaxation of the spine and muscles in their neck or back.

With a fusion of the spine a chiropractic doctor makes sure that they are performing the specific adjustment to the area above and below where the fusion is. Commonly Dr. Hamel might see patients with a fusion at L4-L5 so in this case he wants to adjusting or realign the areas of L1-L3 and the pelvis or SI joint. If a patient has a fusion at C5-C6 and C6-C7 then we manipulate the spine from C1-C4 and then the midback T1-T2.

Often times patients think with a fusion there is nothing else they can do, this is not the case says Dr. Hamel. Even with a fusion we still want to maximize spinal movement around that area, stabilize the muscles and increase flexibility of all the soft tissue in the area. A fusion doesn’t mean that you will never play golf again, or go to the gym, or play with your kids; although many people think this is the case.

Can you still have lots of neck pain and back pain even know a patient got cervical or lumbar spinal fusion? Absolutely says this Kingwood chiropractor; by no means does surgery take care of postural problems and muscle spasms in the neck or back.

If you are struggling with neck and back pain, even know you have had neck or back surgery Dr. Hamel may be able to help you.

Contact his office to set up a complimentary consultation to see if you would be a good candidate for his chiropractic programs.

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