Knee Joint Clicking Sound After Replacement

Knee Joint Clicking Sound After Replacement

Knee joint clicking after replacement surgery can be very uncomfortable. Clicking and popping sounds as you walk can be stressful and even scary. However, the truth of the matter is that knee replacement prostheses are made metal and plastic parts. These parts can make a little bit of noise. Now, that noise tends to lessen with time because of the scar tissue that forms around the knee. This quiets it down.

There are a couple of specific designs of knee replacement parts by certain manufacturers that are more prone to having a “popping” sound. It’s a syndrome called “patellar clunk” or “kneecap clunk” and that often does settle down with time. However, in certain situations if patellar clunk persists it can require surgery. If popping or clicking as you walk continues more than 12 weeks after surgery, let your surgeon know. Before the 12 week mark, your thigh muscle and your quadricep function has not fully returned. It takes about 10 to 12 weeks for that thigh muscle to fully strengthen back up and this is when “clicking” and “popping” usually goes away.

If the clicking, clunking or popping continues, contact your care team. They can offer some non-surgical solutions and advice.

Play this video to hear what Dr. Wayne Trevor North, orthopedic surgeon at Henry Ford in Detroit, Michigan has to say about on this subject (

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Knee Joint Clicking After Replacement.

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