Ledum | Ledum Pal | Ledum Palustre Main Symptoms: Homeopathic Medicine–Best Tips For Practitioner

Ledum | Ledum Pal | Ledum Palustre Main Symptoms: Homeopathic Medicine–Best Tips For Practitioner

Ledum is considered suitable for wound injury by a sharp device or especially mosquito, especially if the injured parts are cold. Ledum pal can prevent tetanus. Hit finger by hammer . The pain of Ledum is stinging. So, Ledum is a remedy for the surgeon.
Mind: Fretfulness ; with uneasiness and irresolution ; he went by himself and almost weeping, wished to die. Dissatisfied ; hates his fellow-beings. Sticking Pain.
Ear: Inflammation of the ear, with deafness, from getting cold, as from having the hair cut.
Head: Tearing pain in the head and eye. When walking and standing vertigo; the tears are acrid.
Mouth : Dryness of mouth during awakening; D. Taste of the palate, thirsty, bad the humiliating breath.
Knee: Stiffness ; when walking ; in left K. and ankle when walking.
Sexual Organs Male: Increased sexual desire but the urethra is almost closed. Emissions at night ; without dreams of bloody or watery semen.
Sexual Organs Female: Menstruation too early and too profuse ; the blood is bright red ; absence of vital heat. Profuse leucorrhœa ; copious urination, even at night.
Sleep: Sleeplessness till midnight; with inclination to lie down, anxiety and sickness. Frequent waking and inability to sleep for some time.Restless sleep, with confused dreams.
Skin: Itching with anxiety; worse, scratching and warmth of bed. Ledum Pal should be thought of for negative local effects from vaccinations.
Stool: Stool pasty ; faecal diarrhoea, with mucus ; hard, scanty, delayed ; mixed with blood ; retained. Constipation. Stitches in rectum.
Urinary Organs: Urging ; constant ; all day, not at night ; frequent, with scanty discharge ; frequent all day, but no increase of urine. Burning in urethra after urinating.
Chill, Fever and Sweat: Burning in hands and feet in the evening. Night-sweats putrid or sour, with inclination to uncover ; itching.
Aggravation and Amelioration: Aggravation during the day when sitting ; during rest; pressure; wet weather (Dulc., Rhus t.) ; of pains by wind and cold air; on left side. The patient is extremely chilly or cold to the touch. This patient wants to be uncovered but cannot bear to be covered, feels ameliorated from cold application, or even desires to put his feet in ice cold water.


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