Menopause Joint & Muscle Pain 😧 7 Solutions to Get Relief NOW ‼️

Menopause Joint & Muscle Pain 😧 7 Solutions to Get Relief NOW ‼️

Did you know that SO many women (and men!) suffer from terrible joint and muscle discomfort, even pain? And I have heard lots say things like, “my body feels like it was beaten to a pulp”! That IS worrisome especially when it comes without warning – bang, pain. YIKES! Can it be menopause joint and muscle pain be hormonal? Well, of course it may be 😊

The root cause of this for many of us is out of control inflammation and the symptoms of this show up as discomfort and pain. Important to note that not all inflammation is bad for us. For example, if we cut our finger the area will become swollen and red – this is part of our miraculous body’s healing system and yes, this IS inflammation! It hastens the area to heal quickly as blood cells rush to the area.

Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, happens when our body becomes inflamed for prolonged periods of time. May be caused by foods, exercise and yes, our hormones, specifically the ever pesky cortisol, our stress hormone. Why is this so important? Because chronic inflammation has been shown to directly cause most of the degenerative diseases and illnesses, getting to the root cause and fixing it is really, really important to your bottom line health!

There is so much to talk about here. Causes, what to take starting right now to help and what to avoid. So I will do a 2 part series on this crucial topic: click on the subscribe button so that you are notified of the next part and all new videos from us here at Embracing Hormones.

I am very solution focused, as you may know, and have been forced to learn a lot of these tips first-hand myself because of the amount of hard tennis I play! My body was beginning to be so very sore after tennis and not recover like it used to = chronic inflammation. I use just about every single one of these solutions myself and now absolutely notice a marked improvement.

Here are some things to try right now and stay tuned for more foods to eat, what foods not to eat and other things to avoid in part 2 of this series.

Turmeric (Curcumin) twice a day. Make sure it has black pepper in it as well for better absorption

Collagen peptides, broad spectrum, daily. Can add it to a smoothie or mix with water. Helps with skin, hair, nails AND joints

Magnesium Glycinate (yes, again it is a solution!) . Try 200 mg at bedtime and another 200-400 mg spread out during the day. Back off if loose bowels. It helps with sleep, mood, energy and muscle relaxation

Apple cider vinegar: aim for 1-2 oz per day; can mix with water and/or in salad dressing. Helps alkalize the body which helps reduce inflammation

More to alkalize the body (key to hormonal health ladies): lemon juice in water, green most everything up. My special shake is top quality protein, carbs and fat then I add avocado, spinach or kale – yummy, healthy and green!

CBD oil and cream is now legal in many states as well as in Canada. A few drops under your tongue at bedtime can significantly reduce inflammation. I LOVE CBD oil and really notice a difference. The cream can be applied to sore areas and also helps.

Find a good joint support formula containing chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM

Our signature 30 day hormone reset program contains many of these nutrients and is a very hormonally supportive program that is not a diet but is a lifestyle. Helps with inflammation, energy, sleep, stress, weight and more! Check it out at

As always, be your own best health advocate. Healthy = Happy! We are committed here at Embracing Hormones to bring you cutting edge useful information that you can utilize immediately to feel like you again!

Don’t despair! There are some solutions that you can try, now at home. Lifestyle shifts and supplements may help you feel more like you again (So can my e Books on Hormone Imbalance and Love Hormones so please do download them at

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