MP7 Training with WFF IFA Bikini Classic Champion, 2020 (Debajani Sonwal Sharma)

MP7 Training with WFF IFA Bikini Classic Champion, 2020 (Debajani Sonwal Sharma)

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(Words from the champ itself)
Its been a roller coaster journey from fat to fit. I have started gymming because of my overweight problem. After realising that I can lift quite a weight, than started doing Powerlifting. Also won a couple of medals in state and eastern region. Soon I had to quit Powerlifting because of my pregnancy. After pregnancy, I took almost 2 years gap before resuming my gymming again but very unfortunately I was diagonised with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was suffered from excruciating pain specially in the morning time. Unable to move my fingers and had severe joint pain. So couldn’t continue with powerlifting which led me to choose an another career option in the form of Classic Bikini Fitness. Started moderately but in due course I started doing hardcore training under my Coach Mr. Pulak Biswas(Ocean of practical applied scientific fitness and nutrition knowledge and coaching skills beyond imagination) in Aerofitness Gym. Under his guidance and remarkable training, I attempted Sangram Classic and next parcipated in WFF IFA Bikini Classic, 2020. By Gods grace and training from my coach, I won the championship and planning. Everybody had different views and opinions about my sport. Some appreciated me and others were skeptical. But my dearest and loving husband has always supported me in every possible way and I am really grateful for his continuous love care and support through out my journey. Lot more to come, lot more to achieve in near future.

With Regards,
Debajani Sonowal Sharma

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