MY HEALING STORY Toxic Mold Exposure

MY HEALING STORY Toxic Mold Exposure

This video can be helpful to anyone dealing with Systemic candida, Environmental sensitivities, Lymes, Auto Immune Disease, etc.
I have been promising for a while to share my healing journey. Finally it felt like the time is right. I had resistance to sharing things that are too personal because it can feel a bit self indulgent to put that much focus on myself. Somehow I prefer to be behind my classes and not put my own stories at the front of the videos but today is an exception and I am excited to share it because I know that if someone is going through personal struggles and pains it is always encouraging to hear from outside that anything is possible- true transformation, healing and growth is possible. Not only that but also to remind you and myself that suffering does not need to be in vein. It is our choice what we make out of our suffering- a tragic long meaningless story or on the other hand we can make the choice to take it as a wake up call, as an opportunity to grow and transform. I try to remind often in my classes to always take full responsibility for what is going on in our lives wether we see it as something self inflicted or a random and unfair event that we were just so unlucky to have to go through.
Also autoimmune diseases are never just the body over-reacting for no reason. They are always the result of some form of toxicity in the body, exhaustion or unhealthy lifestyle. We always have the choice of improving our habits, diet and lifestyle in order to help our own body and MIND heal.
I think a plant based style for healing and detox can be very helpful for anyone dealing with arthritic conditions, autoimmune disease, adrenal exhaustion, thyroid issues, low testosterone/progesterone, etsrogen, estradiol, etc; viral issues, lymes disease, etc., inflammation, joint pain, acidity in the body, etc.
I am by no means telling anyone what to do in the case of sickness but simply offering my journey and what worked for me and others who have gone through some form of toxicity and autoimmune disease and have healed via natural methods.
Here is the little miracle book I mentioned in the video:
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