Physical assessment of Subscapularis Muscle for Shoulder Pain

Physical assessment of Subscapularis Muscle for Shoulder Pain

Dr Priyanka explaining the Physiotherapy assessment to identify functional disorder of Subscapularis Muscle causing Shoulder Pain

About Doctor :
Dr. Priyanka Bhandagey, a Post Graduate in Orthopaedic Physiotherapy, a Leading Physiotherapist, A Clinical Practitioner with over 15 Yrs. of experience , An Author, an Entrepreneur, a Trainer, and a Mother.
She has designed an exhaustive Exercise Protocols called PBPA for all the Joints and has treated over 40 thousand patients till date along with her team. The protocols consist of over 2500 combination of apt exercises at Basic, Progressive and Advanced levels along with the Do’s and Don’ts, usage of corrective & Supportive aids, ergonomics, risk factors and nutritional advises. The design of such systematic protocol and its implementation on over 40,000 patients successfully justify her for being referred as “The Queen of Physiotherapy Exercises”.
Dr Priyanka and Mr Kirronn, the couple preneurs have done several initiatives in the Physiotherapy industry, some of them are
1. Have run over 22 branches at various locations in Pune, Mumbai & Ujjain since 2004.
2. Have employed and trained over 300 Physiotherapists.
3. First to launch Franchisee concept in the world in the field of Physiotherapy.
4. First to launch Tele Physiotherapy in India where patients are treated remotely.
5. Developed the Brand “ Lead Physio “ which is awarded as “ Best Healthcare Brand 2016” by Economic Times from the hands of Sri J.P Naddaji.
6. A Start-up recognised by DIPP, Govt.of India.
7. Till date ,have conducted over 500 free camps at various organisations and Societies
8. Initiated since 2016, a “Give Back Day” where all patients are provided Free consultation and treatment on every 1st working day of the month.

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Physical assessment of Subscapularis Muscle for Shoulder Pain

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About this Channel
In this channel, Dr Priyanka Bhandagey, a Leading Physiotherapist and The “Queen of exercises” demonstrates the effective, simple and apt exercises for the various Musculoskeletal conditions such as Neck, Shoulder, Back, Hip, Knee, Ankle, Wrist , elbow Pain etc.
Similarly, she will also demonstrate the appropriate exercises for Neurological, Gynaecological, Paediatric, Geriatric, Sports, Life Style, Women’s health, Ante-natal and Post-natel conditions.
A well informed patient is a well-treated patient. A huge opportunity for the people of all the age groups to connect, communicate and take a right guidance from Dr Priyanka. We are happy to help patients, make better informed choices.
Dr Priyanka through this channel highlights the importance of Patient education, Do’s and Don’ts, usage of corrective & Supportive aids, ergonomics, risk factors and nutritional advises.
Patients can also take consultation and treatment online from Dr Priyanka & Team. We provide Physiotherapy services both in Clinic and Online (Tele Physiotherapy)
To book an appointment, Simply login to, Click on Book appointment, select mode of treatment and answer for the relevant questions. We shall consult as mentioned. Alternatively, Patients can also call us on 9226573474 to book an appointment.
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