Ping Shuai Gong – Swing Hands Exercise(平甩功)

Ping Shuai Gong – Swing Hands Exercise(平甩功)

Ping Shuai Gong – Swing Hands Exercise is a wonderful Qi Gong with powerful healing ability. I normally recommend to my patients with all sorts of issues, like pains, numbness, weight loss, cold hands…Actually it even help to fight with cancers.

Instead of filming a new video for Ping Shuai Gong, I just use this excellent video already in Youtube as demonstration. Copyright belong to the original video owner.

Here are the steps of this exercise: (平甩功)

1.Make sure your feet stand well the same width as your shoulder and equal weight on right and left foot, so the whole body including your back will be balanced

2. Before you begin, close your eyes for seconds and let go all the negative feelings, eg. Afraid, anxiety, nervous, angry, worry, etc. Keep “peaceful mind” while you are doing this exercise. If you are doing great, you can clear your mind by just counting how many you have got or you can be as concentrate as no thoughts in your brain.

3. Raise your arms as high as your shoulder; your palms face the ground and fingers hanging down naturally. Keep relaxing and swinging your arms back and forth. No need to use extra strength for the swinging because that will cause you or your muscles tense. Try to relax of your whole body and not to tense any parts of the muscles as well as loosen your shoulder.

4. Remember after every fourth swing your arms back and forth, you need to bend your knee (“bounce” down and up not exactly “bend”) at the fifth swing your arms back and forth to make your legs straight up and keep going to do the next four swings of your arms.