Rib Pain: Causes, Symptoms, & Possible Diagnoses

Rib Pain: Causes, Symptoms, & Possible Diagnoses

The ribs protect some of your body’s most important organs inside your chest such as your heart and lungs. If you’re experiencing rib pain, paying close attention to your symptoms can help you identify the cause. For more information, visit:

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Today we’re talking about rib pain.

The ribs protect some of the most vital organs in our body including our heart and our lungs. They’re also involved in such basic activities as breathing, so having rib pain can be extremely debilitating.

What are some of the causes of rib pain?

Based on over 8,000 user chats with the K Health app, the most common causes of rib pain are injuries and infections. In the case of injuries, this can be caused by such things as trauma or even repetitive coughing. In the case of infections like pneumonia, the pain can come from the infection itself or by the associated inflammation of the lining of the lungs.

What should I do if I have rib pain?

You can certainly start by going to the K app and completing a dialogue. Within 2 minutes you can learn how people like you were diagnosed and treated. Of course, rib or chest pain can be associated with a serious condition like heart attack. So, if you’re having any other symptoms like difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeats, profuse sweating, or fainting, you should see a doctor right away.

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