Stop Shoulder Pain & Elbow Pain – Naturally

Stop Shoulder Pain & Elbow Pain – Naturally

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Shoulder Pain & Elbow Pain Relief Naturally – What I use for shoulder and elbow pain from working out hard or overuse. This little trick gives me almost instant relief.

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0:00 Natural Relief for muscle soreness and joint pain
0:35 Trigger Point Massage you can do yourself
0:35 Trigger Point Massage
0:40 Trigger Point Ball Massage
1:10 Trigger Point Massage Ball
2:05 Relief for elbow pain from weight lifting
2:12 Relief for shoulder pain after a workout
3:33 How to use a trigger point massage ball on your shoulder
3:58 Pain relief from trigger point massage you can do
4:24 Wall work with trigger point ball
5:38 Shoulder Pain relief naturally

Medical Disclaimer:
The information presented in this video is strictly informational and not meant to replace the advice of a medical professional. You should consult a health care professional familiar with your specific case, concerns & conditions prior to starting any new supplement, diet or fitness regimen.

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