Tendonitis, Joint Pain, Arthrosis, Arthritis – Holistic Care

Tendonitis, Joint Pain, Arthrosis, Arthritis – Holistic Care

Complete file: Posology, detailed schedule, additional therapies, bonus tips – Available for download at the following address:

This care program is intended for all persons suffering from one or more components of the musculoskeletal system, namely the skeleton, joints, muscles, tendons and disks.

The application of this care is wide but is primarily intended for people suffering from the following pathologies: Tendonitis, Chondropathy, Osteoporosis, Joint Pain / Inflammation, Cartilage Wear, Rheumatism: Arthrosis, Arthritis, …

A person who is not directly impacted by these problems/diseases can still get the full benefits of this care. We will particularly mention the physical worker who exerts daily muscular and articular constraints on his body, just like the regular sportsman who wants to protect himself from injuries and to improve his performances.
In this video, we review everything there is to know about these common problems whose causes vary greatly from one person to another. This can range from an infectious cause for example to a simple mechanical cause of a movement not adapted to the morphology of the individual. We propose concrete solutions to act both on the pain itself and on the origin, the chronicity.

A complete file containing all the foods and supplements seen, their dosage, a detailed schedule, additional therapies and bonus tips is available for download on our website. A pack option is proposed to you to immediately start your care thanks to our selection of quality and perfectly dosed products.
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