The Best Foods for Joint Pain that Actually Work!

The Best Foods for Joint Pain that Actually Work!

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Joint pain is an annoying symptom that often results from both poor nutrition and possibly lack of hydration in the body. For those dealing with joint pain due to dehydration, it’s imperative that you begin to drink high quality spring or filtered water. Also, adding a pinch of sea salt to the water can help the water more readily be absorbed into the cells and helps to promote cellular hydration. However, there are various foods that can also be eaten that can help combat joint pain in the body. These foods have been incorporated into the diet for centuries and can be excellent for anyone dealing with joint pain or looking to improve overall health.

Number 1: Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil

High quality extra virgin cod liver oil is an excellent source of important essential fatty acids DHA and EPA. Research has shown that these omega 3’s can help to reduce inflammation in the body. As an added bonus, cod liver oil is a rich source of both vitamins A, D, K2. These important fat soluble vitamins play an important role in maintaining the health and structure of the bones. In fact, many report better dental health after including a high quality cod liver oil supplement into their diet.

Number 2: Collagen

Collagen is an important protein found in gelatinous cuts meat, bone broth, and other animal products. This protein has been shown by research to help reduce inflammation in the body and can be good for those dealing with joint pain. It’s also excellent for reducing intestinal permeability and sealing the gut lining. Although consuming collagen in the form of whole food animal products would be best, there are various quality collagen supplements on the market that can be of use. However, the best way to obtain more collagen into your diet is through whole food animal products such as broths and gelatinous cuts of meat.

Number 3: Wild Caught Fish

Wild caught fish is an excellent source of the important omega 3 fatty acids. As previously mentioned, omega 3’s play an extremely important role in the body when it comes to inflammation and joint pain. Fish that is particular high in omega 3’s are mackerel, salmon, and sardines. Also, eating smaller fish such as mackerel and sardines is a great way to avoid environmental toxicity that can accumulate in bigger fish.

Number 4: Black Seed Oil

Black Seed oil was used extensively in ancient Egypt. Although it has many uses, black seed oil is famous for combating inflammation in the body. Simply taking a teaspoon a day of this potent oil can help to cut down on inflammation in the body dramatically. However, as with any medicinal remedy, black seed oil should be taken in combination with a healthy anti-inflammatory diet.

Number 5: Nettle Leaf

Nettle was used heavily by early Northern Native Americans. This herb can help to naturally energize the body and can help combat allergies due to its anti-histamine action in the body. Interestingly, many believe that nettle is one of the most mineral rich plants on the planet. Luckily, this herb is famous for combating against both joint pain and inflammation in the body. The best way to consume nettle is as an infusion. Simply pour boiling water over the dried herb and let stand for at least 8 hours. Strain the dried herb and consume the liquid.


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