Uterus – Anatomy, Definition and Function – Human Anatomy | Kenhub

Uterus – Anatomy, Definition and Function – Human Anatomy | Kenhub

The uterus is one of the most important organs in the female reproductive system. This video covers all the important parts of the uterus. Test your knowledge on the amazing uterus:

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The uterus (womb) is an about 8 cm long hollow organ in the female pelvis and lies dorsocranially on the bladder. It is surrounded by the circumjacent connective tissue (parametrium). The peritoneum covers the uterus almost completely (except the ventral part of the cervix) forming two recesses: ventrally the vesicouterine pouch and dorsally the rectouterine pouch (pouch of Douglas).

The uterus is divided into the cervix, isthmus and corpus. The neck if found subperitoneally. It is divided into a part which projects to the vagina, known as the vaginal portion. And another part fixed in the parametrium, which is know as the supravaginal portion. The isthmus is narrow passage connecting the cervix and corpus which is around 1cm in length.The corpus, or the body, is the part of the uterus which lies intraperitoneally. It has a “triangular” lumen through its connection to the isthmus and both fallopian tubes.

In this video, we will cover the following:
0:11 definition and location of the uterus
0:37 recesses: vesicouterine pouch and rectouterine pouch
0:55 broad ligament of the uterus
1:55 cervix or neck of the uterus
1:44 isthmus of the uterus
1:54 corpus or body of the uterus
2:29 blood supply of the uterus
2:51 innervation of the uterus
3:51 functions of the uterus

Want to test your knowledge on anatomy of the uterus? Take this quiz:

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