Vertigo Treatment – Vertigo and Dizziness Of Women In Menopause

Vertigo Treatment – Vertigo and Dizziness Of Women In Menopause

Vertigo Treatment – Vertigo and Dizziness Of Women In Menopause

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Dizziness is a common symptom for women in menopause, but researchers don’t fully understand the connection. Dizziness may be related to other changes happening during menopause, or it could be related to getting older.
At the onset of menopause, estrogen levels dip dramatically and can cause dizziness until these hormone levels are evened out with medication and other therapies. Though dizziness during menopause rarely points to more serious conditions such as heart disease or obstruction of blood flow, dizziness could also be experienced as a result of other issues during menopause. Hot flashes, anxiety, migraines and inner ear issues during menopause can all cause a woman to experience dizziness as well.
Treatment will depend on what’s causing vertigo and dizziness.
You may be able to manage your symptoms with lifestyle changes:
• Snack between meals to keep your blood sugar levels stable
• Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration without caffeine.
• Stand up slowly after sitting or lying down.
• Reduce daily stress.
• See your doctor to check your blood pressure regularly. Work with your doctor to consider proper diet and living.

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