What Does a Worn Out Hip Joint Look Like?

What Does a Worn Out Hip Joint Look Like?

Dr. Dan Albright, an Orthopedic Surgeon in Raleigh, NC, uses models to show what a degraded hip joint looks like. He discusses why pain is caused in the hip joint and why replacing the joint brings pain relief to patients.

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Transcript of video:

Hello. What does a worn-out hip joint look like? My name is Doctor Dan Albright. I’m an orthopedic surgeon in Raleigh, North Carolina. I specialize in hip and knee replacement operations and hip arthritis surgery.

I started in practice in 1994. My focus as a surgeon oftentimes is anatomy.

Now I would like to first show you a normal hip joint. Then we’ll go to abnormal.

Your pelvis is here and then the socket, the boney socket is here and then this is the ball. A hip is a ball and socket, that’s what it is. The ball fits in the socket nicely and the cartilage should be very smooth on both sides. That’s normal. So another model showing aging.

Starting with normal the cartilage is smooth. Cartilage, you can see it, in nature with different animals and joints. It’s very smooth. It’s like ice or glass – very smooth when it’s uninjured and youthful. As we age, sometimes – this model is meant to show what happens – that very smooth blue cartilage becomes unsmooth and you get crevices, fissures, cracks, chips in the cartilage both on the ball and on the socket. So it should be like glass on glass or ice on ice moving very smooth becomes rough like sandpaper on sandpaper.

I’ll show you the progression here. You can see it on x-ray also and you can see it on MRI. This shows nearly complete loss of cartilage and we see that all the time. It really hurts. People limp a lot. They cannot put their sock or shoe on, on that side. It’s tough to get into a car or out of a car because you’ve got sand paper on sandpaper. It’s very rough. There are a lot of nerve endings there and it hurts terribly. That’s what a worn out hip looks like.

A brief example of what do you do when you can’t walk anymore, you do an artificial ball and socket. Very smooth on smooth materials that reproduces nature to a degree and it works. The science is there and the research is there.

So if you’re interested in talking more about whether your hip is wearing out and what to do, I’m happy to see you. I’m Doctor Dan Albright and my website is danalbrightmd.com and you can get my contact information there or call appointments at 919-863-6808.