What to expect in your Second Trimester of pregnancy | Pregnancy Week-by-Week

What to expect in your Second Trimester of pregnancy | Pregnancy Week-by-Week

Hopefully you’ve left the bulk of your nausea and exhaustion behind as you kick start your second trimester! Over the coming weeks, your baby will grow from about the size of a cookie to a slice of pizza. And you’ll go through a lot of changes, too. This week-by-week guide to your second trimester will take you through all the developments, symptoms and things you need to start thinking about. (And don’t miss our videos for your first trimester: and third trimester:

Here are the time codes to get to the topics that matter to you most right now, based on how many weeks pregnant you are:
0:04 – 13 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal development—including limb development, fetus peeing urine into amniotic fluid and developing fingerprints, weight gain in second trimester , rhinitis of pregnancy, cold medications, sleeping positions, body pillows)
3:02 – 14 weeks (Topics covered: Lanugo, breast changes in second trimester, round ligament pain, urinary tract infection, yeast infections during pregnancy, bleeding gums, trouble sleeping, flu shot during pregnancy)
5:49 – 15 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal development—fetus making facial expressions and fetal hearing, pregnancy glow, prenatal pregnancy depression, genetic testing)
8:37 – 16 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal development, feeling baby kick, back pain during pregnancy, prenatal yoga)
10:49 – 17 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal development—baby starting to add fat and starting to grow eyelashes and eyebrows, eating during pregnancy, itchy skin, heartburn and indigestion, placenta development, pregnancy headaches, planning for life with the baby, baby first aid class)
12:53 – 18 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal development—taste buds, your uterus is the size of a cantaloupe, dizziness, anatomy scan)
14:55 – 19 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal development—vernix caseosa and baby’s movements, round ligament pain, low back pain, dizziness, troubles sleeping, chloasma, creating a will, creating a birth registry)
17:46 – 20 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal development—waking up and sleeping at regular intervals now and building muscles, vaginal discharge, yeast infections, colostrum, finding out sex of your baby, weight gain)
19:46 – 21 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal development—neurons, baby moving, swallowing and digesting, and drinking amniotic fluid, eating for baby, stretch marks, prenatal classes)
21:55 – 22 weeks (Topics covered: Pregnancy edema, swollen feet, preeclampsia, spike in libido, deciding on birth options, pain management for labour)
24:54 – 23 weeks (Topics covered: Varicose veins, linea nigra, exercising with a prominent belly)
27:41 – 24 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal development—hearing, achy legs, hydration, carpal tunnel syndrome, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, glucose screening test, preparing for birth)
30:24 – 25 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal development—fetus practise “breaths,” heartburn, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, constipation, pregnancy weight gain, baby names)
33:06 – 26 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal development—eyes and sleep/wake patterns, headaches, drug-free pain relief, shifted centre of gravity, loosened joints, registering at the hospital, maternity ward tours, forgetfulness)
35:35 – 27 weeks (Topics covered: Fetal development—brain, trouble sleeping, restless leg syndrome, leg cramps, vivid dreams, nightmares, maternity leave budget, prenatal classes, baby hiccups, getting baby’s room ready)

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