Why I Can’t sleep at night

Why I Can’t sleep at night

Why I can’t sleep at night?

8 reasons why you’re not sleeping.

Stop these common sleep stealers before they put your health at risk.
You might remember a time when you could drift off to sleep in an instant and remain in a state of blissful slumber well past lunch time the next day. Now your sleep is more likely to be lighter and more fitful and when you wake up in the morning you might not always feel refreshed.

A lack of good quality sleep could be a natural consequence of changing sleep-wake patterns after menopause. It’s also likely that the issue is physical and fixable. Many conditions can disrupt your rest and they can be treated. It’s important to address these issues. A lack of sleep does more than make you drowsy. Chronic insomnia has been linked to a variety of health problems, including obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and depression.

Go through this list to see whether you might have one of these sleep-stealing conditions. Also check your medicine cabinet.Some medicines can interfere with sleep.

1. Sleep apnea:
The conventional image of sleep apnea is of the overweight man who snores, but women of any size can also develop these repeated pauses in breathing while they sleep. A woman who has a narrow jaw or a change in muscle tone can get apnea. Either of these anatomical issues can block oxygen from reaching your lungs while you sleep. Snoring might not be your main symptom if you do have sleep apnea, but you will notice that you’re especially sleepy during the day.

2. Diet:
What you eat can affect your sleep. Spicy foods can contribute to painful heartburn. Big meals leave you uncomfortably full, and over time can contribute to obesity a well-known risk factor for sleep apnea. Too much caffeine takes six hours to clear half of the caffeine from your body. If you have enough caffeine, it’s still in your body at 4 in the morning. And though a glass of wine or two with dinner will make you feel relaxed or even sleepy, it won’t help you sleep. You can fall asleep, but once you’re asleep you can’t sleep deeply.

3. Lack of exercise:
Sleep and exercise complement each other. Working out regularly can help you sleep better and conversely, you’re more likely to exercise if you get a good night’s rest.

4. Pain:
Arthritis aches or any other kinds of pain do not make for restful slumber. Conversely, a lack of sleep can increase your pain. Researchers believe that a lack of sleep may activate inflammatory pathways that exacerbate arthritis pain. Poor sleep can also make you more sensitive to the feeling of pain.

5. Restless legs syndrome:
Women are twice as likely as men to have restless legs syndrome a condition that causes a creepy, crawly feeling and uncontrollable movements in the legs at night. It’s often linked to hormonal changes early in life and during pregnancy but RLS can continue as you get older. RLS isn’t just miserably uncomfortable, researchers have linked this condition to an increased risk for heart disease and depression in women.

6. Depression:
Depression is a common compromiser of sleep and it is much more common in women than in men. Women who are depressed may sleep more than usual, but their sleep isn’t restful.

7. Stress:
It’s impossible to sleep when the weight of the day is pressing on you. Finding a sense of calm before bed isn’t easy especially when you can’t unplug from the demands of your day.

8. Poor sleep habits:
Sometimes insomnia stems from long-ingrained behaviors, like staying up too late or engaging in stimulating activities before bed.


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